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AcroDance (Primary, 1-6)
Students develop the skills of flexibility, strength, and balance to successfully perfect his or her dance and baton technique. This class challenges students to further their dance education, reinforcing the progressions of AcroDance. They will grow in musicality and technical precision in a dance or baton context or simply on its own. 

Just Dance
An introduction to the basics of dance. The class will include a warm up, combinations down the floor and choreography. The warm up and combinations will give the athletes a complete body warm up while developing dance technique, flexibility and a strong foundation for choreography. 

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Join Our Rec Program!

 Baton twirling is a fun, challenging and exciting sport!  We are pleased to offer two programs this fall:

Introduction to Baton (8-week program). This is a great way to get introduced to the sport of baton! Students learn basic baton skills. The classes will run for 45 minutes once per week and will have a parent watching night. There will be multiple 8-week programs running throughout the year (Fall, Winter, Spring).

We are holding 8-week courses in the Fallof 2018. Click here for more information.

Recreational Baton (Full year program). Students will build upon basic baton skills, will be introduced to the badge program and will learn a group routine that will be performed at the year-end show. The classes will run for 1 hour and 45 minutes once per week (baton & dance). No prerequisites required. 

We welcome children 4 and up at this time. 




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